Welcome to Luca & Rosa London

Welcome to Luca & Rosa London, an exciting, unique nightwear and loungewear brand designed exclusively for babies, children and women. After many months of hard work and effort, we’re delighted to have brought our colourful, playful label to your home. We hope our quirky, distinctive designs will give you and your family happiness for many years to come. After all, that’s what we’ve designed our clothing for. Our high-quality, hardwearing and practical designs can be enjoyed and passed down through the generations. 

So where does our story start?

The origins of Luca & Rosa London

The story of Luca & Rosa London is one that centres around love and family. Our founder, Sabrina Burns, was inspired to launch the brand following the birth of her second child in 2019. Sabrina has always been passionate about spending time with her husband and children, making priceless memories. To her frustration, she found a distinct lack of choice available for fun, playful nightwear and loungewear that she could enjoy with her little ones. This, combined with her love of being cosy at home, set the wheels in motion for a new venture - Luca & Rosa London.

Launching her own business was something Sabrina had wanted to do for a long time - she just didn’t know what it would be. This felt right. After further research confirmed her instincts, she poured her efforts into building the label alongside juggling the busy commitments of family life. For Sabrina, it would be more than just a family nightwear and loungewear brand. It would have substance and a purpose. The ethos of the brand would be playful, colourful and fun. Everything a childhood should be. Yet there would also be other factors to consider. As passionate advocates for the environment and protecting the earth for our children and future generations, Luca & Rosa London only design organic, ethically-produced products from sustainable fabrics.

Another factor of importance was the history behind the clothing. Designed in England, the label features a healthy dose of Italian influence, calling upon Sabrina’s paternal heritage. The brand is dedicated to her late father and injects elements of Italy’s sartorial elegance into each product. Her own experience of living in London earlier on in her life has also played a central role in the development of the brand, referencing iconic elements of British tailoring.

Building Luca & Rosa London

Alongside caring for her family (which included a two-month old Rosa), Sabrina spent many a late night laying the foundations for Luca & Rosa London. Hours were spent undertaking research, trend forecasts and competitor analysis, identifying ways in which our clothing for babies, children and women could stand out from the crowd.

For Sabrina, it was important that Luca & Rosa London designed loungewear and nightwear with a creative twist, paying attention to detail and lovingly curating designs to let the brand’s personality shine through. Many conversations were had and proposals reviewed until the right factory was sourced that resonated with the brands ethos of high-quality, sustainable and ethically sourced clothing. Numerous rounds of sample approvals and modifications commenced until the final collection for launch was signed off. 

With brand development proceeding well and dates for launch taking shape, the label suddenly hit a three-month delay. Like many millions across the world, plans were changed and altered as a result of the arrival of Covid-19. For Sabrina, caring for her family, building the brand and monitoring the uncertainty was a challenge, but she continued to proceed through the difficult times, thinking of new ideas and meeting tight deadlines. 

Brand Reception & Aspirations

Of course, as with the development of any brand, we had to test our designs with our target audience to gather invaluable feedback. Sabrina sent samples out to all of her friends and family. Everyone from grandparents, parents and children were asked for their thoughts and, as a result, the clothes were really well-received across the varying age groups. She also reached out to people in her network working in the world of fashion, including a friend who had previously been a buyer for Debenhams. When she returned a positive verdict and feedback that she loved, “how the designs jump out at you”, Sabrina knew her label was in a good place. As a mother, she also listened to her own gut instinct, knowing what her children would love as well as what she felt the marketplace was missing.

For the team here at Luca & Rosa London, it is certainly an exciting time. We’ve got aspirations to make the brand a huge success, with a dream of being sold in major retailers worldwide later down the line. Perhaps our own flagship store or even a chain of boutiques could happen one day. Closer to home though, we want to make sleep time more fun for children and families in as many households as possible. It’s our intent to become a much-loved lifestyle brand for children, maintaining the matching element across all ranges to give little ones a colourful, playful yet stylish feel to their bedrooms.

Ultimately, it has been an incredible journey and one we’re already immensely proud of. Whether it was managing the factory daily, sorting out the branding, designing the website or setting up customs and accounting, the entire process has been a real rollercoaster of emotions. All have been poured into this label, lovingly curating our beautiful range of clothing. We can’t wait for you to see what we have planned next.